Thursday, 17 July 2014

Test Ride

In order to test me and the bike, I planned a ride from home to St Sndrews and back, fully loaded.

This was the first trip out with my Aldi copy of Ortlieb panniers. Day one was 71 miles with about 2700 ft of climbing. Day two was 70 miles and 3400 ft of climbing, with 1900 feet crammed into the first 20 miles. I broke one spoke, replaced that in Edinburgh but also broke one of my pannier clips. Not good.and had to bind it up with a Velcro strap.
I got to St Andrews without further incident and the wind at my back.
The following day, the wind was in my face and it was raining. I cycled the first 31 miles to Kirkcaldy, then got the train for the remainder of the journey.

The next day was to Eyemouth, with a damp start, a coffee stop in Dunbar. 3 broken spokes and another broken pannier clip. I also discovered a possible crack in my rear rim, so Mrs P came to get me the following morning and I travelled home by car.

A trip to Spa Cycles the following week resulted in a new rim and spokes.  I checked my chain and discovered it had stretched so bought a new one. When I fitted it, at the same time as reversing my chainring, then tested it, I was met with some unpleasant noises. New chainring purchased but still the noise. Hmmm. Only 4 days together this sorted, so today I will put the old ring and chain back on. If there is no noise, at least I will know it is not the bottom bracket.

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