Thursday, 31 July 2014

Browning to Rising Sun

I went from the hotel to the local supermarket last night to get some Gatorade and replenish my chewy bar collection.  There were no pavements, so I had to walk across a grassed area. More of that later!

These Harley's were in the hotel car park.

I woke the next morning scratching my legs and ankles. It appears that my walk through the grass had resulted in bites.

What a first 25 miles that was. We started climbing shortly after we left and it continued like that for several hours. We hit over 2500ft in 25 miles which was quite punishing to say the least.
This one gives an idea of where we were going.

Going up!
Me taking a photo of Leo taking a photo of me!

Steady 6% gradients which went on and on and on.

And then the scenery began.

Eventually, we reached the park and were fairly close to our destination.

This was our accommodation which was perfectly comfortable.

Except for Leo that is!

We found the store and a couple of bottles of Columbia Cabernet hit the spot.

Here is a ground squirrel who lives nearby.

And here is the menu. I had the Caesar salad with chicken.

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