Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sioux Falls to Gillette.

We covered over 600 miles today, meaning we just have 440 left before we meet the rest of the gang. We both woke before 6, so got up and had an early breakfast beforehitting the road about 6.45

We stopped at a rest area and visited a tiny church. It didn't fall down afterwards so I must be doing something right.

This is the memorial bridge to Lewis and Clarke.

Then Dan took me to visit The Badlands.

Then I got in some practice for Glacier Park.
I might have accidentally missed a bit of this advertising hoarding!

My second visit to Wyoming.

Followed by the amazing Devil's Tower.

We then arrived at our hotel in Gillette, just in time to check in. A close shave!

We had been on the road for over 13 hours but it certainly didn't feel like it. We then went to the local Mexican restaurant for some first class chicken fajitas. Now I am stuffed.

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