Saturday, 26 July 2014

Great Falls to Choteau

We had an early start today, with the plan being to set off at 8am.

Hotel foyer!


We posed for a photo in the car park while Don continued to fanny about.
Don left Steve's keys on the bonnet of his car, something he realised after we had travelled about 4 miles!

After cycling back 2 miles to make sure he didn't get lost, we got underway. This increased the day's mileage by 4 miles.

Leo thought this might be a buffalo Carp?

Leo is on the left. Yes, that is a suitcase he is hauling.

I have been trying this for years but it doesn't work.

This was in the town of Fairfield, Montana. 

Time out.

Very nice hotel in Choteau.

Tonight's entertainment.


Truck bush city limits?

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