Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Chicago to Sioux Falls.

Just the 600 or so miles today.

After a poor night's sleep, I woke about my normal time of 8am. Unfortunately, in Chicago, it was 2am!
I got back off to sleep but was awake again at 5ish. By 7, I was out for a walk and it was very warm and sunny.
I found the entertainment district a few minutes away, which bodes well for my last night before coming home.

On the way, I passed this. I am sure I will walk past it again!

Impressive cinema.

Steve kindly returned about 9.15 to make sure all was well and Dan arrived  shortly afterwards. The bike was mounted on the rack and off we went.

Excellent time was made and Dan even entrusted me with some of the driving. We booked into a Holiday Inn and went for a bite to eat. 

Imagine my delight, when I saw that tonight's special was:


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