Thursday, 24 July 2014

Gillette to Billings via Little Big Horn.

Dan actually had to wake me at 8 this morning, my best night's sleep so far!

Our mileage was much reduced as we had planned to visit the site of Custer's demise at Little Big Horn.

The weather was once again beautiful, so the air con was blasting out. At one point, I saw that the outside temperature was 96 deg.

We arrived and went to the visitor Centre, where lots of artefacts were on display.

I am not convinced by how comfortable this saddle would be!

We then watched a most interesting video film about the history of how the battle came to take place and then headed out to look at the memorials and soldiers graveyard.

Care had to be taken however.

The more recent Indian memorial was overdue but the powers that be have made a wonderful job of it.

We met up with Bill and Tom and travelled to Billings to a very nice Holiday Inn Express.

We got cleaned up and headed into Billings to the Montana Brewing Company for a nice meal. I also had 2 pints of Custer's Last Stout. Very nice, if, typically, a little on the cold side!

If only we had been here at the right time!

This interesting establishment was next door to where we ate.

We have a relatively short drive tomorrow of about 4 hours before we meet up with the others.


  1. Great stuff Sir Ian. I always wondered what The Little Big Horn looked like in reality as compared to the many times I have seen it from the seats of various Edinburgh "flea pits" - Keep it up.

    John R

  2. Not the most densely populated place on earth. Looks like a slimmer version of Sir Ian is well on the way. Keep pedalling. John R