Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Seeley Lake to Missoula

This was one of the most amazing and surprising rides I have done.

We were told that it was about 60 miles and mostly downhill, with one stiff climb of 2-3 miles in the middle.

We completed the first fifteen miles in less than an hour, which I found to be rather pleasant and exhilarating.

Here is Bill, ready to roll and a white moth!

An old Chrysler and a motor bike.

We had a huge breakfast at the Chicken Coop.

They are obviously not shy around here as the toilet was of the open variety!!!,

There was no door whatsoever.

I felt completely at home here.

Words fail me.

After the climb we continued our descent, the only thing slowing us down was another of Leo's exploding tyres.

We visited the Adventure Cycling Centre in Missoula, then headed to our hotel for a well earned shower, followed by a visit to Hooters for dinner! Pictures upon request only.

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