Friday, 1 August 2014

Columbia Falls to Bigfork

Today started before breakfast, with Dan discovering he had a flat tyre. He changed the tube and then found that was punctured as well. The next one worked and we set off in search of breakfast.


We worked out that the considerable breeze was going to be at our backs - for a change.

We were expecting a 38 mile run to Bigfork, so had planned breakfast at 7 to beat the heat. We discovered very quickly that Dan had miscalculated and we only had to travel 28 miles. Result!

We took our time on a very lovely flat route.

We met a friendly local. We were cycling through an area which was clearly prosperous. One property even had it's own owl!

I think it was a wood owl.

We passed a Llama ranch.

We were making good time and a quick stop was tempting.

I was very tempted to find this so I could sit on it.

We arrived at our hotel too early to check in but were allowed to use the facilities and store our bikes. I got changed and went walkabout.

Nice house.

Downtown Bigfork reminded me very much of a smaller version of Solvang.

Leo and I went back to town later to eat while the others stayed in the hotel. We had an excellent meal followed by some locally made ice cream which was exceptional. Tomorrow is. Nearly 50 miles, allegedly, so an early start beckons.

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  1. Just caught up with the fantastic scenery. Absolutely breathtaking in the flesh I expect. Peden looking well despite the burgers. Keep it going. JR