Sunday, 3 August 2014

Condon to Seeley Lake.

After a night disturbed by thunder and lightning, we were still up fairly early. I enjoyed my blueberry muffin bought from the store the previous day but the microwaveable breakfast chimichanga was perhaps not the best idea I had ever had.

We were all set for a 9am departure when Dan discovered his front tyre had gone down overnight.

After that was repaired and some photos with the girls who were heading to Logan Pass, we set off about 9:15.

We climbed 900 feet in the first 18 miles. More than enough in my book, on roads which undulated and weren't steep.

We saw some nice views of the Rockies to the West.

Then a house with a train in the garden.

An interesting entrance.

More Rockies.

We had just made a long descent and saw this sign?

Spot the deer.

The roads were narrow but most motorists either slowed down, or gave us plenty of space.

Nearly there

Upon arrival, I made a new best friend.

We got showered, went for a walk and then I went into the Filling Station. Great pub with wi-fi.

Now. What are the odds on a Scottish person going into a bar in a town in Montana with a population of 2500 and finding that the young lady serving the customers is also a Scot!!!

Here is Jane from Machrihanish in the Mull of Kintyre. Jings!

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